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Health Equity in Action

Igniting the Power of Community!

Our work improves health equity and reduces health disparities through the creation of culturally appropriate, collaborative online spaces, purpose-built to consistently connect underserved faith and community-based organizations with each other locally, regionally, and nationally. We also partner with them to shorten the distance and more consistently communicate with the community members they serve.


We work closely with our community partners to craft evenhanded partnerships with healthcare systems, insurance companies, life sciences, medical devices, clinical trials, and academic stakeholders.  


IeHE’s democratized approach Levels the Playing Field



Our Healthy Community

Our Healthy Community (OHC) integrates digital community engagement strategies with proven offline tactics to shorten the distance between underserved community-based organizations and healthcare payers, providers, academic, clinical trials, medical devices, and life sciences stakeholders.

Our Health Ministry

Developed in partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine, OHM is where faith, health, technology, and community intersect. We support faith-based organizations, regardless of faith or denomination, to start and strengthen their own health ministries!


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Healthcare Stakeholders

  • Hospital Systems

  • Community Health Clinics

  • Insurance Payers

  • Academic Institutions

  • Public Health Providers

  • Medical Device Developers

  • Life Sciences Companies

  • Clinical Researchers

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

Community Based Organizations

  • Faith-Based Organizations (Interfaith & Cross Denominational)

  • Barbers, Beauty Shops & Nail Salons

  • Corner Stores

  • Not For Profit Organizations (501c3)

  • Childcare Providers

  • Doulas and Birthing Centers

  • Community Health Workers

  • Community Development Corps.

  • Community Advocates


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